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In 1984 Morbid Masks Studios began manufacturing Latex Masks and Special Effects.

In 2008 Morbid Masks Studios stopped production of all Masks, especially it's ever popular Thin Skin Latex Masks. This was because the supplier of the special paint that gave Morbid Masks their unique characteristics terminated supply for good. The whole process relied on this paint and no other alternatives were comparable. The moulds were redundant and could not be stored; nearly all were thrown away. So ended an era.

It's now 2012 and old habits die hard. A new supply of paint has been unearthed and the flames of industry begin to burn brightly. From the ashes of past experience a new breed of mask will rise.

Apart from our regular range of latex rubber ears, noses, horns and facial features, we also currently make two designs of Live Role Play Fighting Claws, with a third Cat Claw design due out shortly. Plus we have re-introduced an old GRP (fibreglass) Skull Helm in several colours and sizes.

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